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Full Service Publication Production

Content Curation to Mailing and Everything In-between

Our sponsorship sales team drives revenue for your publication with no cost to you!

Analyzing the data

Time For You

We empower you to focus on other core institutional needs.

Analyzing the data

Reader Experience

Readers benefit by having additional content and information.



Our Consortium of Magazines empowers us to keep costs low while providing new revenue streams to our partners.

From A to Z

Engaging an audience with a publication that has gone from nothing to something is our specialty - let us show you what we can do today.


Our content curators work with you to ensure the right stories are told in the right tone to the right audience.


Our design team takes provides design templates, will layout your entire publication and prepare for printing.


Our dedicated team of sponsorship development pros seeks to make your publication profitable for your organization.

Projects : Project


EverEdify is here to serve organizations of the greater good.  


Let's get our partnership started.

Click below to email us or call us at 309.275.7053

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